Las Vegas and Orlando rank on top of cities that are fast food heavens


Las Vegas may be best known for their casinos, but in a recent list, Sin City is also “Fast Food USA.”

Las Vegas is best-known for its unlimited wealth of casinos and entertainment, but in a recent list, Sin City is also becoming known as the fast food capital of America.

In a study done by Apartment Guide that ranked the Top 10 best cities for fast food, Las Vegas landed at number one, with more than 350 fast-food outlets in its city limits, alone, which tops the list. To break it down even further, there’s a fast-food restaurant for every 1,813 Las Vegas residents per capita, which is just mind-boggling.

“The 39 Pizza Huts, 77 McDonald’s, 36 Taco Bells and 122 Subways are all more than any other city in the top 10,” Apartment Guide wrote, and it truly isn’t hard to see why Las Vegas has so many fast food joints.

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As one of America’s leading tourism regions, Las Vegas has long been a sweet spot for some of the nation’s biggest fast-food chains. This also explains why the second city behind Vegas, which is Orlando, is also a fast food mecca, having one fast food spot for every 1,059 residents per capita, which is tops on the list.

Fast food giants follow the money, and within the tourism realm, there’s plenty of money to go around. While tourism plays a big part in why Las Vegas and Orlando are fast food heavens, economics also play a big part. In the inner cities of Cincinnati (No. 3), St. Louis (No. 4), Cleveland (No. 6), and Pittsburgh (No.7), these areas are often saturated in fast food joints, which is a good and bad thing.

Here’s the complete list of Apartment Guide’s Top 10 fast food havens based off per capita:

  1. Orlando, FL (1-1,058)
  2. Miami, FL (1-1,457)
  3. Cincinnati, OH (1-1,522)
  4. St. Louis, MO (1-1,794)
  5. Las Vegas, NV (1-1,813)
  6. Cleveland, OH (1-1,899)
  7. Pittsburgh, PA (1,1926)
  8. Tampa, FL (1-1,927)
  9. Atlanta, GA (1-2,096)
  10. Ft. Wayne, IN (1-2,417)

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Do you live in one of the top ten cities? Which fast food restaurant do you see most when driving in your city?