McDonald’s vegan chicken nuggets are a fast food game changer


McDonald’s is viewed as a home for those who view hamburgers as the perfect food. Can vegan chicken nuggets really find a place within the Golden Arches?

McDonald’s made its world-wide reputation on the delights of hamburgers in all its variations. Along with side orders such as French fries and milk shakes, the Golden Arches gradually found acceptance for some other items such as chicken nuggets and salads.

But can vegan chicken nuggets succeed at McDonald’s?

How McDonald’s got into the vegan game

McDonald’s knows how to play the marketing game. With surveys recently showing that more consumers are becoming vegans, the fast food chain is taking the risk of adding vegan items to its menu, reported Inc.

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At this point, McDonald’s has focused on bringing vegan food menu items to Europe rather than the United States. But now that the chain’s Norway restaurants are enjoying vegan chicken nuggets, we’re hoping that the United States will experience these plant-based goodies at their local Golden Arches as well.

More and more people are becoming aware of how the environment is impacted by eating meat, according to a research firm, Global Data. That’s resulted in a growing demand for vegan foods.

“Rising veganism and awareness of the impact of meat consumption are driving demand for meat-free substitutes,” revealed the research company.

Vegan menu items do well overseas at McDonald’s

The history of vegan menu items at McDonald’s across the ocean looks promising. In autumn 2017, the company tested the McVegan burger in its locations in Finland and Sweden.

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The vegan burgers were an overwhelming success, with 150,000 sold in four weeks. At the start of this year, the company unveiled a vegan McFalafel in Sweden and a vegan Spicy Veggie Wrap in the UK.

So what about vegan menu items at McDonald’s in the United States

In addition to the success of the vegan menu items overseas, the company demonstrated that it wants to be environmentally aware by announcing a new goal: By 2025, the chain plans to have all of its packaging from renewable, recycled, or certified sources.

It’s also emphasized doing something to help with threats to land area for coffee farming.

That sounds like a step that could align with vegan menu items. Does that mean that McDonald’s will phase out meat-based products? Not in the foreseeable future. But we are looking forward to stepping up to the counter and requesting a double vegan burger with extra tofu cheese!

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What do you think about the possibility of vegan menu items at McDonald’s? Would you try a non-meat-based product? Share your thoughts in our comments section.