Time to stock up: Costco is selling giant bags of popcorn


Is there any store out there that does it as big as Costco? We didn’t think so. Get a giant bag of popcorn!

First, Costco had our jaws on the floor when we learned they carried jumbo boxes of Unicorn cereal. Seriously, “family size” box doesn’t even begin to cover how enormous these are. And now, the massive retailer has proved ‘there’s more, folks!’ with giant bags of popcorn.

Pop Sugar spotted these first and shared the news with the foodie world. The massive retailer has these big popcorn bags in stock! Just get one (or three, we don’t judge) and consider your movie room stocked and your movie night in made! Buy some and invite some friends over for a binge watch of your favorite Netflix series.

You can also just buy one and enjoy it all to yourself! Again, there’s no judging here at Guilty Eats!

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The details: These are only available in the Nearly Naked flavor from Popcornopolis, which is a bit of bad news only because we wish there were more flavors available. Imagine a giant bag of cheesy popcorn! Hmm, we’d need an entire roll of napkins!

Still, if Nearly Naked is your thing, you’re a winner. The popcorn is popped in coconut oil and salted. The source doesn’t list a price and we couldn’t find them online so you may want to call your local Costco before heading over to be sure they have these currently.

Check out what other flavors and popcorn surprises Popcornopolis has on their site!

If you can’t find them, it’s still a win-win thanks to the many products (mostly over-sized) Costco carries. Share your thoughts on the popcorn if you’re lucky enough to find some!

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