Lucky Charms is giving away boxes of their deliciously famous marshmallows


The world-famous cereal brand, Lucky Charms, is once again giving away boxes of what we love best, their sweet marshmallows.

Don’t lie — as a kid, we all played around with our spoons when eating Lucky Charms to scoop around and only eat the marshmallows. Heck, if we’re being honest, we still do this today when we enjoy a bowl of Lucky Charms. We can’t help it, the marshmallows are crunchy and sweet, it’s like having dessert for breakfast! Fans simply can’t resist.

Lucky Charms boxes of cereal have been found announcing the marshmallow-only boxes giveaway. This isn’t the first time Lucky Charms blesses fans with these sweets, however, this time, they’re doing it big! How big? Lucky Charms will be giving away 15,000 boxes!

How can you enter to win? Simply buy one a box of Lucky Charms (one that announces the giveaway on the cover) and find a code inside. Go to to enter you code and see if you’re a winner of marshmallows at the end of the rainbow. A box will be shipped to you if you are.

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Be right back, going to buy 2 or 3 boxes. I mean, it’s a win-win. If you don’t win, your pantry will be fully stocked with Lucky Charms, which is great if you ask me.

Will you be heading to your nearest grocery store for a few boxes? Even though that increases your changes, you’re also able to request a free code HERE, no purchase necessary. Just click the “Where can I find a code?” link. It’s a confusing process we weren’t able to crack, one that involves mailing them a letter (even though it’s 2019). It’s complicated, just buy a box!

If you win a box, share the news with us! In the meantime, step up your cereal game with Costco’s jumbo boxes of cereal, more details here. Kellogg’s also recently release Caticorn cereal. What a great time to have cereal for breakfast.