Run the Disney Princess Half Marathon, Enjoy the Sparkly Booze


Finishing the Disney Princess Half Marathon doesn’t just earn runners a medal at the end. They are also treated to adult beverages that sparkle!

If you’ve never considered entering any of runDisney’s races throughout the year, but haven’t narrowed down which one’s right for you, you might want to consider adding the Disney Princess Half Marathon to your list.

As with any big race — 13.1 miles is a long way to go and you deserve something yummy! — there are plenty of foods and beverages ready and waiting for you once you cross the finish line. Everything from cheese and crackers to sparkling, delicious beer (if you’re old enough).

Yes. I said sparkling beer.

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And I don’t mean “sparkling” like sparkling cider. I mean actually sparkling, just like everything else in this race.

It’s really a thing! It’s called glitter beer. And while it’s certainly not a new trend, there’s just something about drinking a glass of shimmering alcohol in a Disney park that makes the experience that much more magical.

Don’t worry — glitter beer doesn’t actually contain glitter. You can’t eat craft supplies (usually).

The folks at Disney will just smile and tell you it’s pixie dust, but it’s actually much sweeter than that. (Is actual pixie dust sweet? I was never clear on that.)

So what do brewers put in beer to make it sparkle? “Sugar, maltodextrin and mica-based pearlescent pigments,” according to Madeleine McCarthy of Sasquatch Brewery in Oregon.

“Dusting” your beer to make it glitter is super easy. But as anyone who’s ever dined at a restaurant or indulged at a festival, for whatever reason, everything always tastes better when someone else prepares it for you.

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Apparently, you can only get glitter beer at this event specifically, not other runDisney events. The princesses are claiming this treat as their own and sticking with the sparkle theme all the way through!

But please don’t try to get your hands on sparkly alcohol if you’re underage. Disney World may be the happiest place on Earth, but it does still have rules. Respect the rules. The Mouse is watching.

If this sounds like something you’re totally into — whether it’s for the beer, the costumes, the medal, or all of the above and more — registration for the 2020 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend opens on June 4, 2019.

And you don’t even have to run a half marathon if you’re not ready for that. Smaller races, like a 5K and 10K, are also happening during the three-day event.

The weekend begins on February 20 and ends on February 23, 2020. There will be beer! And plenty of other treats, too.

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Have you ever tried glitter beer? Would you run 13.1 miles just for the booze? (I would.)