This week’s Chopped preview: Cheap, but tasty


Chopped Season 40, Episode 20 will set out to prove once and for all that cheap food really can taste like high-end cuisine. Can this week’s chefs create extravagant dishes with low-cost ingredients?

In the Chopped kitchen, assumptions about cooking never make it to the end of the competition. It’s always those two ingredients you never thought could go together that make up the winning dish. But this show is about much more than taste.

It’s a common misconception that cheap ingredients can’t make high-quality food. Just because it costs less doesn’t necessarily mean it’s low-quality, though — at least, that’s what four chefs are about to prove, anyway.

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This week’s hour-long episode, “Dollar Dishes,” presents each contestant with a variety of ingredients they’d likely never find in a fancy restaurant kitchen. You might think the frozen food aisle is off-limits when shopping before a home-cooked meal, but you’d be surprised what you can create with a tight budget. Especially when $10,000 is waiting at the finish line.

According to the episode description: Four chefs will be attempting to make a low-cost item dish taste like a high priced meal fit for royalty. They will undergo three challenges while doing this. Expect to see frozen fish fingers and homegrown greens and so many other ingredients you wouldn’t expect to find to be used in a fancy restaurant.

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Have a look at the official synopsis released just below:

"“Four chefs set out to make low-cost items taste like a million bucks in three “dollar dish” challenges. Some homegrown greens and a box of frozen finger foods are two of the no-frills finds in the appetizer round. One of the competitors is shocked to find the ingredient that they most fear is in the second basket.”"

This week, it will be the chef who can produce the best flavor with the most unexpected low-cost ingredient that will be crowned the winner. Which “frozen finger foods” do you think will throw contestants off the most? Is there a cheap ingredient you’re hoping to see in this week’s baskets?

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Chopped is back tonight at 9 ET on Food Network.