Shake Shack’s new spring drink will leave you tickled pink


Shake Shack is welcoming the season of spring with a shake that’s leaving customers tickled pink: Cherry Blossom Shake.

This shake is only available for a limited time at most participating Shake Shack locations. The Cherry Blossom Shake consists of frozen vanilla custard that is blended with cherry blossoms and topped with pink chocolate curls. It reminds me of something sweet and innocent!

It’s the perfect beverage to refresh with as the warmer temperatures approach! Will you be going to your nearest Shake Shake to try a Cherry Blossom Shake? I have yet to check one out myself, but plan on doing so here pretty soon. I mean, have a look, they’re tough to resist!

Shake Shack isn’t the only one who has gifted customers with limited time beverages! Chick-fil-a actually beat Shake Shack to the punch.

Chick-fil-a has been serving up Frozen Key Lime for over a week now. That drink I have tried and it tastes as delicious as I’m able to describe. It’s zesty, but sweet and oh so refreshing! Have it with Chick-fil-a nuggets and your day will be made.

The best drink this season has yet to come though: Pineapple Mimosas. Where and when? In only a few more days (on April 3), Aldi’s grocery stores will stock up on $9 bottles of ready-to-pour pineapple-flavored mimosas. Thanks, Aldi’s for helping us win the brunch game!

Pineapple won’t be the only mimosa flavor available from Aldi’s. The grocery store is also bringing back past flavors that were a hit, including Orange. Lean more, here.

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What limited-time spring drink or food are you most looking forward to this season? Are we missing out on anything, share with us in the comments and we’ll be sure to add it!