Hazelnut spread M&M’s are coming soon to shelves near you


Nutella lovers rejoice! M&M’s newest flavor offering, hazelnut spread, is coming to stores near you sooner than you think.

In Sept. 2018, M&M’s announced that they were releasing a new flavor – the hazelnut spread M&M. And while they didn’t have a release date for this new candy, a new press release from the company revealed we are going to be getting those Nutella flavored candies sooner than you might have thought.

According to Bustle, we are going to be able to get our hands on this sweet treat as early as April 2019. But before that happens, fans of these candy-coated chocolates can potentially get their hands on the hazelnut spread M&M’s a bit earlier.

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In honor of the new candy release, the company is doing a special contest/campaign called, “Go Hazelnutty for M&M’S Hazelnut Spread.” Fans can try the new candy as soon as March 30. If you are in New York City, head to Grand Central Station on March 30 to get your hands on these new sweets. But, if you don’t live in the city, there is still a chance to snag an early sample thanks to Twitter and #gohazelnutty and #MMSfirsttaste. Declare your love for this new flavor combination and snag a bag early.

Even if you can’t get an early sample of these new M&M’s don’t worry, because April isn’t far off and once these candies hit shelves they won’t be hard to find thanks to the brilliant light blue/teal packaging. So, even if you miss the words hazelnut spread printed on the bag, the color itself screams new and delicious.

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And to make the addition of this flavor even better, it turns out this is a permanent addition to the lineup. With the hazelnut spread variety joining the family alongside 2017’s Caramel variety, it becomes the second soft center flavor of M&M.

With how much people love Nutella, the original hazelnut spread in a jar, we can’t imagine these M&M’s not being equally as popular. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if these became the new favorite M&M alongside the original and peanut varieties.

Honestly, I am excited to give this new flavor of M&M’s a try. Having grown up with Nutella as more than just a treat, this is one M&M variety I am thrilled to try out at least. And hopefully, it lives up to the legacy of both creamy hazelnut spread and the perfection of the original M&M’s.

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Are you excited to try this new flavor? Is there another flavor you would have preferred? Tell us what you think of the hazelnut spread M&M in the comments.