Rose wine and gin hybrid coming to stores in time for summer fun


If your favorite color is pink, you’re in luck. There is now a pink gin hybrid that gives you the best of rose wine and your typical splash of gin.

Rosé fans have something to look forward to this summer, especially if you are already a fan of gin (we can be both). There is a new gin in town and not only is it a lovely color of pink, but it is actually a gin hybrid with a rose twist.

Millennials looking for that perfect rosy drink are getting everything they could have asked for and more when this new Chapel Down’s Pinot Noir Gin arrives in store ready for warm summer nights. According to Bustle, the internet has already embraced the pink trend of this alcohol and have dubbed it the “rosé gin,” which of course makes perfect sense.

The English winery that produces this Pinot Noir Gin explained that this gin hybrid is produced using the skins of the Pinot Noir grape. First they distill the grape skins and then it is blended with an “English wheat spirit.”

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This mixing of two flavor combinations creates a hybrid gin that is not only highly aromatic, but it also gives you the aroma of berries. The flavor profile for this gin includes juniper and a twist of citrus for a perfectly balanced sip every time.

However, there is one catch if you want to get your hands on a bottle of this pink gin hybrid, you have to be in the UK. Sadly, there is no word on if this delightfully colored bottle of gin will make it over to the United States, but if you have plans for a summer vacation in the UK, what better way to indulge a little than with a bottle of Pinot Noir Gin? After all if you love rose wine and gin, this hybrid gives you the best of both worlds all in one bottle.

If you do happen to make it over to the UK in order to try this pink gin hybrid, it will cost about $46 for a bottle, which is not that bad all things considered.

While this is not the first time we have seen rose wine combined with another flavor profile (in January of this year a rose wine beer was release by California’s Firestone Beer called Rosalie), it is definitely a combination we would like to see here in the United States.

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What do you think of this pink hybrid gin? Do you think this is a good combination? Would you want to see this introduced here in the US, like they did with the rose beer? Tell us what you think in the comments.