5 April Fools foodie pranks we wish had been real


April Fools day this year had no shortage of foodie pranks and some we desperately wish had been real. Here are our 5 favorite!

This is the first year I write for Guilty Eats, so before my life included all these guilty pleasures, I had no idea how many food brands and restaurants try to be funny with April Fools pranks. I’m glad I discovered it, but also pretty disappointed not many of the food news that surfaced on April 1st turned out to be real.

Were you fooled by any foodie news on the first of April? Some were obviously fake (dog-delivering pizza service), while others made us scratch our heads a bit – such as KFC’s chicken-flavored ice cream. Don’t worry, the KFC one is of course not on our top five, we’re Guilty Eats because of our guilty pleasures, but chicken ice cream is not one of those things we crave!

Here are five April Fools Day pranks we wish had been real:

The Super Dough Holder

Giant donut. All we see is a giant donut. We don’t care what it does, we don’t care about its purpose or how it was supposedly meant to hold cups. We just want a giant donut. ASAP, please.

McDonald’s Milkshake Sauces

Why limit ourselves to ketchup and Barbecue sauce? Why can’t we also dip our fries or burger into Strawberry Shake sauce or Shamrock Shake sauce if we’d like? McDonald’s almost made our dreams come true.


Good one, Walt Disney World! Introducing, Snears! Disney’s Mickey hats with ears that serve as holders for whatever snack you may be craving! Everyone knows Disney’s food is as magical as the rides, so it makes sense. We’d like one, please.


Come one, come all…puppies! Starbucks had many believing they’d be opening a new set of Starbucks stores to cater our canine friends. How cool would it be, though?

Pizza M.U.T.T.

Finally, there’s Pizza M.U.T.T. (Mini Urban Transportation Team) from Pizza Hut, which is pizza delivery, but it’s delivered by dogs! Gasp genius. Near impossible, sure, but we love it!

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Which prank was your favorite this year? Let us know in the comments!