Sonic Drive-in must-have: Oreo cookie ice cream sandwiches


Sonic Drive-In fast food restaurants have this summer’s must-have treat: Oreo cookie ice cream sandwiches!

With the warm temperatures in, ice cream season is in full swing! On top of the frozen treat game is Sonic! The fast food drive-in spots are bringing back Oreo cookie ice cream sandwiches! Best of all? They are only $2! Who can say no to that? I’d like to order three, please!

This is part of Sonic Drive-In’s Sonic Nights promotion and, unfortunately, only available at participating locations. They are only $2 before 8 p.m., any time after, they’re only $1.50 each, late night craving, anyone? These may taste even better late at night at this price.

Oreo isn’t the only flavor available, there’s also Sonic’s new Real Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches. Both are made with vanilla ice cream, but you have the option to get Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies or Oreo cookies for the sandwich.

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These are only available for a limited time! How much time do you have to get one, exactly? Plenty! Ice cream lovers, have no fear! Ice cream sandwiches will be available until September 2, so we have all spring and summer long and then some!

As tasty as these Oreo cookie ice cream sandwiches are, though, they don’t beat today’s news: Game of Cookies, OREO themed Game of Thrones cookies! Will you be buying a pack of cookies when they arrive to stores? We know we will!

Look at us praising Sonic’s ice cream sandwiches when just earlier we declared the fast food joint one of the most unhealthiest places around. With no salads or healthy food substitutes available on the menu, Sonic is easily one of the top 5 worst places to eat healthy at. Still, we’ll always love Sonic for reasons like these: unique treats and specials you can’t find anywhere else!

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Are you looking forward to trying one of these ice cream sandwiches? Which fast food joint is your favorite? Share with us in the comments any spring or summer treats we should check out!