Blueberry Moscato is the new sweet wine you’ll be obsessed with


Sweet wines are perfect for both spring and summer indulgences. And if you’re looking for a new wine to obsess over, why not try Blueberry Moscato?

Fruity wines can be a change of pace for those of us who love a refreshing glass of wine, but don’t consider ourselves to be connoisseurs. If you are a fan of sweet wines like Moscato, you might be looking for something new to try this spring. If you are looking for a new sweet obsession, then look no further than the Blueberry Moscato from Oliver Winery.

According to Delish, the winery that produces this new Blueberry Moscato describes the wine as both a sweet and dry mix that will appeal to multiple palettes. This wine features the intense flavors of blueberry juice combined with the classical tropical notes of a traditional Moscato.

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This stunning pink wine will remind you of a rose, even as it gives the delightful fruitiness of the blueberry. Originally the Blueberry Moscato from Oliver Winery was an experimental wine created as part of a pilot project. However, it was dubbed a favorite and the semi-sweet wine became too popular to keep under wraps.

The Blueberry Moscato has been a part of the winery’s tasting rooms since 2015, and has been a favorite since. Thanks to its lighter flavor and lower alcohol content, this is the kind of wine that is perfect for all taste buds.

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Considering this wine has won medals, you might think the Blueberry Moscato would come with a hefty price tag, but you can snag a bottle for just $12, which really is a steal. Of course, there is a slight catch that comes with that delicious price tag – this Moscato is not available in all states (at least not yet). While it will hit stores in 26 states, if you live in one of the other 24 it is not as easy to snag a bottle, you can head to the winery’s website directly and order it for delivery.

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Honestly, this bottle of wine sounds like it could become a new favorite for a lot of Moscato fans. And why not give the Blueberry Moscato a try this Spring and decide if this is your summer obsession too? (Plus, if you decide you love this particular bottle of fruity wine, then you may want to give their Cherry Moscato a chance.)