Aldi’s pineapple mimosas have disappointed: Where are they even at?


It was reported earlier this month that pineapple flavored mimosas were on the way to Aldi grocery stores. But are they, really?

Aldi’s classic orange bottled mimosas are delicious! So when we first learned pineapple mimosas were headed to shelves soon, we just about lost our minds. We marked our calendars for April 3 and couldn’t wait to go find a few and stock up!

That date has come and gone and we have yet to find a single Pineapple Mimosa bottle at any of the various Aldi grocery stores we’ve stopped by. There are plenty of orange-flavored drinks, sure, but not the promised pineapple, mouth-watering beverage. What gives?

While I understand Aldi made it known that this drink was not going to be available in all of their locations, they haven’t offered up any other details. Like at all. Other than the flavor and price ($9 per bottle), we don’t know a single thing. It would be helpful if there was a way to know where they have these.

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There’s no item locator on their website. It only says “Not available in all locations,” and when you click on “Click here to check availability at your local store,” it only takes you to find a store near you NOT to find where the product is in stock. So that is very misleading.

Many tweets have also been circulating on Twitter about customers walking out empty-handed because these are nowhere to be found. Many are excited about the news, but I haven’t found anyone who has actually tried one out. If you have, let us know!

It also doesn’t help that employees don’t seem to know anything. We’ve asked if they know if these will be in stock at the store soon and they say everyone has been asking, but that they’re not sure. Thanks.

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At this point, a week later, and knowing these are only here for a limited-time, we’ve given up! What spring/brunch drink do you think we should try, since Aldi’s pineapple mimosas were a big fail? Let us know in the comments!