McDonald’s rolls out vegetarian nuggets: Do we love that?


As a vegetarian, I am always excited to hear about a new product coming out on the market. Fast food items are even more of a thrill. Now, McDonald’s has introduced its third veggie-friendly item and I’m not really sure about this.

I’m always one of the first to say what kind of nonsense or amazement there is going on out there in the food industry, especially since I became a vegetarian. My own thought is that many of these products are being created by non-vegetarians. But sometimes I am super thrilled.

Some of these ideas are put out there to fall in with the emerging trends of vegetarian diets, but as you can see upon even minor inspection, that’s sometimes a flop. For example, the chicken-pattyesque, veggie sandwich introduced by McDonald’s is not exactly a healthy switch.

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Calories, and especially starch, are a real concern. For someone with inflammatory issues, starch is a HUGE no-no. And even for someone without that focus, starch translates to big health troubles if they’re a staple. It’s a common faux pas for new vegetarians, as well.

But for those who are just interested in avoiding meat and animal products for non-health reasons, these items are often about taste. So when it comes to vegetarian meat substitutes, texture is the biggest hurdle, in my experience. Sure, this bean thing may taste nice, but if it’s like licking a sponge, I am o-u-t.

When I heard McDonald’s was testing out these vegetarian nuggets, I was pretty *yay* at the idea! That coating was always my favorite part, so I figured this food giant wouldn’t put out some weird sponge thing and this is gonna be super.

Unfortunately, the vegetarian nuggets are only being tested in Norway at the moment, though I have seen chatter of a secretive Chicago location that also brings in test products. Find that if you can, but I am nowhere near either. However, I did get to have a look at that picture.

So yeah, I don’t think I’m loving it. My first impression was, “someone seriously rolled up all the thanksgiving sides into ovals and tossed it in some (potentially soggy) crumbs.” Upon reading more, I discovered that the wetness factor is going to come from mashed potatoes. Theory confirmed? Not a hint of that nugget coating I like, either.

After some very light research, I discovered that I was not off base. I’m a bit concerned already because of how much talk there is of these being vegan nuggets. However, the restaurant actually selling them says no. They are refraining from the term due to the cooking process involving potential cross-contamination with dairy items. That’s gonna stir some pots.

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Many are pretty upset that these do not involve a meat substitute, as there are so many on the market. Basically, the consensus among these folks is that calling them nuggets, at McDonald’s, sort of leads us to believe it’s going to be like chicken. But no. It’s like… veggies.

So, I’m back to my first thought, I don’t think I’m going for it. I think this could do well offered as a plain side, and not really reaching out to the vegan or vegetarian demographic as a white flag of sorts. “We care about your diet!” isn’t the feeling I get from this big idea.

I’m not saying it looks gross, I’m a veggie lover, personally. All I’m saying is that if you’re looking for a chicken nugget experience, I think the search continues.

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Do you think these veggie nuggets will make it on the McDonald’s menu? Would you give them a try for the taste or for the nugget love? Let us know in the comments below, or send us a tweet!

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