Is McDonald’s open on Good Friday, 2019?


Will you be able to grab a cheeseburger or the good olde Big-Mac on Good Friday? Is McDonald’s open on Good Friday, 2019?

Easter weekend is almost here and if you are lucky enough to get the entire weekend off, I wouldn’t be surprised if you decided to go away for some rest and relaxation. If you’re R&R involves visiting the famous Golden Arches, are you going to find them open? Is McDonald’s open on Good Friday, 2019?

In short, they should be. According to Delish, who are fairly on the ball when it comes to opening hours for fast food chains and restaurants, McDonald’s should be open, ready to welcome you with open arms.

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However, while it is generally assumed the fast food chain will be open. It is not a 100% bonified guarantee. Opening hours can vary from location to location.

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While McDonald’s is a worldwide recognized chain, they are franchises. Meaning each one is individually owned, meaning each store can determine when it will be open. Therefore, you may find the odd store has decided to close for the day or even shorten their regular opening hours.

So, what you should do before paying McDonald’s a visit on Good Friday is check if they are open ahead of time. You can do this one of two ways.

The first method is nice and simple, search your local store specifically on the internet. Search results pinged back should display the opening hours for the day which are fairly accurate.

But, they are not always 100% accurate, which brings us to method number two. Again, search for your local store specifically and the results should ping back a contact telephone number. 99% of McDonald’s stores have one. You can then use the number to call the store directly and inquire about Good Friday opening hours.

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