These friends found a way to get free McDonald’s burgers

How would you like to learn the ways in which you could get McDonald’s food for free? Well, these friends may have figured it out.

How would you feel if you found the secret formula to getting free burgers from McDonald’s? You’ll feel pretty ecstatic, right?

Well, imagine how these two Australian friends felt when the seemingly cracked the code to get free McDonald’s (or “Maccas” as it’s referred to Down Under) burgers, and the key to it all was right there in their faces the whole time.

Using the self-order kiosks, the two friends ordered 10 burgers for just a $1 each. Then, they removed the meat from those ten burgers, which dropped the price significantly.

How significantly?

The total cost of the 10 “meatless” burgers came up to $0.00. Now, at this point, you would think that, when they went to confirm if this was true, the human order-taker would ring them up for the burgers.

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Nope, it was confirmed that the two friends didn’t owe a dime. The Aussies ended up with one free burger and 10 buns with just ketchup and pickles for the price of nothing (they ordered an extra burger, which was thrown in for free, I guess).

The story of the Aussies conning McDonald’s out of ketchup and pickle burgers was picked up on Reddit, and folks had a field day with it. In the end, however, I’m stunned that the friends told the whole world about how they scammed McDonald’s out of meatless burgers.

You know this got back to headquarters, and they’re probably working on a plan to fix the kiosk as to not have anyone on them out of meatless burgers ever again.

Oh, and if you’re questioning if this is true, have no fear, because it was all caught on video, which you can check out above.

Would you try the same thing these Aussies did? Let us know!