The new drink of the spring season has arrived and we all want a Blackberry Mojito


Cape Line has unleashed the latest spring drink and we’re all dying to get our lips on a Blackberry Mojito!

Is there anything more refreshing and tasty than a cool spring and summer drink? I didn’t think so. Even the most delicious hot chocolate doesn’t top the flavors of an icy cold beverage. The latest brand to introduce deliciousness to our taste buds? Cape Line!

There’s a lot to love about Cape Line’s new drinks. For starters, their flavors are amazing, someone hand over all the Blackberry Mojitos! But also these are only 120 calories! To many, this is very important, being the summer season and all. To Guilty Eats, we’re just in it for the flavor and we know Cape Line is sure to deliver.

These are sparkling cocktails that come in regular Margarita, Blackberry Mojito, and Hard Strawberry Lemonade. And, again, each is only 120 calories and 12-ounces. Buy them in packs of six and 12, depending on the size of your party.

Ready to shop? So are we! Unfortunately, though, don’t expect these to be just at your regular market. Depending on where you are located, you may have to search for them. Don’t worry, Cape Line has made it easy.

Visit them online and use their Store Locator to find the nearest store that carries the new brand. We were able to find several in our area, most of these stores are Kroger, so you know where to find me this evening!

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Another amazing drink we learned of is Aldi’s Pineapple Mimosa bottles! We haven’t even been able to find any, though, so we’re doubting that even exists! Have you been lucky enough to locate a pineapple mimosa at Aldi? Share with us in the comments! Be sure to also let us know what your favorite drink this season has been.