Is Chick-fil-A open on Easter Sunday, 2019?


Planning on stopping by your favorite Chick-fil-A location this Easter Sunday, 2019? Make different plans.

Easter Sunday 2019 falls on Sunday, April 21! What are your plans? If you’re wondering if Chick-fil-A opens on Easter, the answer would be no. As you may all already know, Chick-fil-A is a fast food restaurant with Christian values. They even have a strict policy to not open on Sunday so that their employees may enjoy this day with family or at church.

Easter is on a Sunday, so this means Chick-fil-A is not open. However, even if Easter fell on another day, I doubt the restaurant would be open for business, being a Christian observation and all.

So which restaurants can you visit on this day? Well, just about any other place. All fast food places should be open on Easter Sunday for regular business hours. The same goes for all restaurants who don’t typically close on Sundays — which I believe is all of them. Hours of operation may be shorter today, that’s for sure, but they always are on Sunday.

Are you disappointed Chick-fil-A will be closed or are you already used to not having any Chick-fil-A on Sundays? Let us know in the comments!

On other Easter news, have you tried Krispy Kreme’s Easter donuts or the Game of Thrones Chocolate Easter Egg? You should! There’s also still time to visit Chick-fil-A to order their fish sandwich for Lent. Learn all about that here.

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What will you be doing on this Easter Sunday 2019? Searching for some delicious fast food or enjoying it with family and a home-cooked meal? Either way, have a great one! Visit Chick-fil-A first thing on Monday to pick up your favorite drink on your way to work — our current favorite is the Frosted Key Lime. Have a happy Easter!