Carl’s Jr. introduces a burger that will never satisfy the munchies


Carl’s Jr is getting ahead of the competition by releasing a new burger that will surely get you high and excited, and also have you craving more.

On April 20, better known as “4/20 Day,” Carl’s Jr. could become America’s favorite fast food chain. At least for that day. That’s because, on that day, the fast food giant will give Mary Jane lovers a new way to get high without asking for a light or worrying about passing it on.

That’s right, Carl’s Jr will debut the Rocky Mountain High: CheeseBurger Delight at a Carl’s Jr in Denver. The Rocky Mountain High will make history by becoming the first CBD-infused burger in America, and maybe on Earth.

The Rocky Mountain High will contain two beef patties that will be topped with pickled jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, fries, and the kicker, a “Santa Fe Sauce” laced with Cannabidiol (CBD), an ingredient that is guaranteed to keep you with the munchies and craving for more.

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While many are just now knowing about Carl’s Jr’s weed burger, the chain has actually been working on a CBD-infused burger since January, according to Business Insider.  Now, Carl’s Jr. did have to go through its legal team to make sure that they weren’t breaking any laws by creating the burger, and once they cleared those hurdles, they decided to have a test launch at a Denver Carl’s Jr, since Colorado has already legalized recreational marijuana.

Funny enough, the burger will set you back $4.20, and if successful, it could have a wider rollout. Carl’s Jr. has most of its locations on the West Coast, where many have already legalized rec weed.

Don’t expect to find the Rocky Mountain High in states where it’s still an underground drug, though, and Hardee’s, the southern brother of Carl’s Jr, will almost certainly not touch it.

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Do you think the Rocky Mountain High will be a hit for Carl’s Jr. Let us know in the comments!