Unicorn cake mix is the Duncan Hines dessert of our magical dreams


Duncan Hines is giving us the magical dessert fantasies of our dreams, thanks to their new single-serve Unicorn cake mix with star sprinkles.

All of our unicorn fantasies are being answered with the help of Duncan Hines. Known for their baking mixes, like cake and brownies, Duncan Hines has also begun offering single-serve desserts that allow you to indulge without baking an entire cake or a pan of brownies.

And while single-serve desserts are a fun alternative to treating ourselves, the flavors have been relatively limited in terms of fun. But now, according to Delish, it seems that those fun flavors have finally become an option with the help of what appears to be a unicorn cake mix cup.

However, there is a bit of confusion over exactly what this unicorn dessert fantasy is because on the side of the cup we see the picture of a purple cupcake, but the flavor says it is cookies and pudding. The question is, does this mean we are getting a cake flavored like cookies and pudding, or is this a pudding cup with cookies?

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No matter what kind of magical dessert cup it is, there is one thing we know for sure, this unicorn dessert features colorful star-shaped sprinkles. And we are all about colorful sprinkles, especially in what we think of as a unicorn fantasy.

Right now, the flavor option is not yet part of the Duncan Hines website, which means it may be a little longer before we determine exactly what kind of dessert this is. However, I would not be surprised if this was a single-serve cake considering that is exactly what they are known for, including cake flavors such as s’mores and hot chocolate.

Of course, the Unicorn cup is not the only addition to the Duncan Hines single-serve lineup. Other flavors include Honey Maid S’mores Cup, Oreo Cookie and Creme Cup, Candy Coated Chocolates Cup, and Chips Ahoy Cup.

With so many interesting flavor options, Duncan Hines is keeping all of our sweet loving hearts happy. And as a fan of all things unicorn, I find this dessert cup to be a must try, right down to the star sprinkles. Of course, it helps that the idea of a potential cake flavored like cookies and pudding sounds delicious.

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We can’t wait to find out more about this Duncan Hines Unicorn cake cup. Any time our magical fantasies are answered by dessert, it is a good day.