Kit Kat may give us mint and dark chocolate bars in time for the 2019 holidays


When it comes to unique Kit Kat flavors, we usually have to go overseas for new and interesting flavor combinations. But this year that may change.

New chocolate flavor combinations feel like a way of life for many brands. And while we can expect to see a new flavor of M&M’s pop up here and there or even a new Snickers configuration, the one chocolate that never seems to add a new flavor option to the line up is Kit Kat.

Sure, Kit Kat has no problem giving their international customers off the wall flavor combinations and profiles, but in the United States, we are not nearly as lucky. But that may all be changing according to Delish.

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It seems that on Instagram, a food account has revealed hints that for the 2019 holiday season, fans of the chocolate bar will be able to get their hands on a mint and dark chocolate flavor. In the post from @Markie_devo, he shares a picture of what looks to be packaging concept art for this new flavor of Kit Kat.

The packaging features a standard style Kit Kat bar with a mint green coating along the top of the bar, the crispy wafer interior, and a coating of dark chocolate along the bottom. Of course, there are also the layers of chocolate inside the wafer layers, but no word on if that is a dark or milk chocolate interior.

According to the Instagram account, these new Kit Kat bars will arrive in December of 2019, just in time for Christmas. And what better time of year for some dark chocolate and mint than the holidays? We think this potential flavor could be a real winner for the company, as it is already a holiday favorite for many people.

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Right now, there has been no confirmation from Hershey as to whether they really are giving us the mint and dark chocolate Kit Kats of our dreams (okay, some of our dreams). However, it is also possible that once again this flavor is not for the U.S., and is instead an international offering.

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We will have to wait to see what Hershey decides about this potential flavor of Kit Kat. But, fingers crossed we really are getting this holiday-worthy flavor profile.