5-year-old boy orders McDonald’s through 911


A five-year-old boy in Michigan decided that the only way he was getting a McDonald’s Happy Meal was to phone 911.

Who knew that you could call 911 to have McDonald’s delivered to your door?

Among the myriad of things 911 dispatchers get calls about, which includes wanting a ride home and telling them to pull your finger, the latest dubious 911 call has to be the most hilarious, and cutest!

In the great state of Michigan, five-year-old Iziah Hall wanted a Happy Meal. The problem? His grandmother was asleep, so she couldn’t go out and get him some Micky D’s. So, little Hall decided nothing could stop him and did the next best thing — he phoned 911.

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The call went like this: 

Dispatcher: “Kent County 911, what’s your emergency?”
Hall: “Can you bring me McDonald’s?”
Dispatcher(who is probably in disbelief right now): “I’m sorry,what?”
Hall (probably miffed that the dispatcher doesn’t understand his pain): “Can you bring me McDonald’s?”
Dispatcher(being as stern, but nice, as they can): “No, I can’t bring you McDonald’s.” 

Yes, this was a real conversation between a five-year-old and a 911 dispatcher, which was probably the highlight of the latter’s night.

Watch the news report, below:

According to KTLA, the dispatcher called Wyoming Police Officer Dan Patterson to go to the home to see if little Iziah was alright. When Officer Patterson arrived at Hall’s home, he was relieved to know he was fine.

Officer Patterson even brought Iziah the food he wanted! Way to go, officer!

"“I figured hey, I’m driving past McDonald’s on my way there and I might as well get him something,” Patterson told local station WZZM."

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It all worked out in the end, but let this serve as a reminder to parents out there: If your kid wants McDonald’s, go get them McDonald’s. Thank God grandma didn’t have warrants!

Now you may think you love McDonald’s, but do you love it enough to call 911 for it? We didn’t think so.