ALDI’s Vista Bay Hard Seltzers and Pineapple Mimosas take the crown as spring favorites


There are two must-have beverages at ALDI’s, one available now and another dropping in shelves May 2 — and we have all the details!

I’m sure I must be giving you whiplash with my quest to find a bottle of ALDI’s Pineapple Mimosa. First, I wrote about how ecstatic I was to try the drink. But after searching near and far, unable to find one, I wrote a feature doubting the beverage’s existence. Now, I can confirm the Pineapple Mimosa drinks at ALDI’s are not only real, but as delicious as it was expected!

A rep from ALDI spotted my feature and reached out, offering to mail me one. Let’s just say, it was a great weekend. I stopped by my local ALDI store to purchase the orange-flavor mimosa to try and compare both drinks over the weekend. The things I do for work, am I right?

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The Orange Mimosa it thicker in color and flavor, it is, after all, the original flavor of a mimosa. It’s not too sweet and not too strong, you’re able to have a couple of glasses with your meal. But if you want an extra kick, of both flavor and alcohol, the Pineapple Mimosa truly hits the spot. It’s  tart, but not at all bitter, and the hint of pineapple is definitely present (and so good).

The Pineapple Mimosa is not as strong as the Orange Mimosa, in my opinion. With these two flavors, your brunch is sure to be a hit!

So, where can you find a bottle? The Pineapple Mimosa is an ALDI Find, which are premium food, and often household products, only available for limited time. And, as the name suggests, it’s an exclusive find meant to surprise shoppers who spot them.

Vista Bay ALDI via PR

An ALDI store employee may be able to assist you on your search to help you track a bottle down. And now, in addition to the Pineapple Mimosa, another drink coming your way is Vista Bay Hard Seltzers!

ALDI shoppers will find these beginning May 2. These drinks are sold in packs of six for the low price of $5.89. The Vista Bay Hard Seltzers come in four flavors — Ruby Grapefruit, Black Cherry, Lime, and Coconut Mango.

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Which drink are you most excited to try? Have you been able to spot the Pineapple Mimosa at ALDI stores? Let us know!