Add Bud Light’s new Lemon Tea Citrus Lager to your must-have list this summer


More so than food offerings this season, I’m seeing a lot more beverages! And with new drinks such as Bud Light’s new Lemon Tea Citrus Lager, I’m not complaining!

One would assume that new spring and summer dishes would be taking over restaurant’s seasonal menu, but the season so far has been all about beverages. It makes sense, a refreshing drink is what people go to in order to cool off in this weather. The latest discovery is Bud Light‘s new Lemon Tea Citrus Lager.

With this new beverage, we are literally getting the best of both world’s: Beer and Lemon Tea. Because nothing says relaxation more than, well, both beer and lemon tea, actually.

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Here are all the details you need to know about when and where you can find and get your taste buds on the latest drink of the season.

Foodies have come a long way from the summer days of sipping on cold lemonade. These days, you can enjoy just about any drink you can imagine.

Bud Light’s Lemon Tea Citrus Lager is brewed with actual lemon peels, leaving a sweetness to the sour lager we’re used to. Think iced tea with beer and a zesty hint of lemon. The brand is also releasing orange and lime flavors.

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These are available now wherever beer is sold, but hurry! This is a seasonal item so it is only available in stores for a limited time (until September).

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Additional details: Per 12 fluid ounces, this drink contains 14.3 grams of carbs and 7.8 grams of sugar, and are 142 calories each. Do we really care about calories, though, when summer is here?