Jon Bois’ logical reasoning behind Burger King’s popularity


SB Nation’s Jon Bois tweeted what could arguably be the most logical reasoning ever behind Burger King’s popularity among fast-food eaters.

There’s no denying that Burger King has long been one of the world’s more popular fast food chains, and many have wondered, both in mind and aloud, why? Well, SB Nation’s Jon Bois had a theory as to why Burger King is so popular, and it’s one that will make your cranium snap into motion.

For those who follow Bois on Twitter (like me), you know that he is known for his dry, witty, random tweets into things that may seem mundane, but will tickle a fancy part in the brain to make you say; “Man, I never thought of it like that!” He thoughts are truly on another level, which brings us back to the point of this story.

On May 2, at 11:45 AM East Coast time, Bois fired off this tweet:

Then, five minutes later, he followed the tweet up with this:

That, folks, is now considered the most sound rationale as to why Burger King is so great.

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It’s true that Burger King makes burgers for everyone. I mean, who doesn’t love a Whopper with cheese, and hold the pickles? But, it’s also true that Burger King makes you fork over your hard earned money just to enjoy that Whopper with cheese, without the pickles.

Heck, they even force you to hand over your hard-earned dollar for one of their Chicken Jr’s. So, when you really think about it, we ARE the suckers because we willingly pass over the cash we worked eight-plus hour days for, to enjoy three minutes of burger bliss.

And Burger King execs sit back and count all of the cash, laughing in our flushed faces.

Maybe we should face the truth, that we are the sucker in the room, and if Burger King never changes their formula for burgers, it’s one that we’ll be proud to admit.

So, what’s your favorite Burger King menu item (trust, a story about that is coming)? Fire off those comments below!