5 Greatest McDonald’s burgers of all-time

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Almost everyone in the world has visited McDonald’s, but have you tried all of their greatest burgers. Here are the 5 greatest McDonald’s burgers of all-time.

McDonald’s didn’t become the number one fast food chain for no reason. They did it by bringing out one great menu item after another. Burgers are the staple menu item of the fast food chain and we’re here to look at the 5 greatest McDonald’s burgers of all-time.

We’re betting you have tried at least one of the burgers from the fast food chain, but have you tried them all? Let’s take a look.

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5. Classic Hamburger

It’s probably been some time since you ordered a classic Hamburger from McDonald’s. With the fast food chain ordering such an extensive range of unique and signature crafted burgers, a classic hamburger is sometimes the least appeal option on the menu.

However, if it wasn’t for the classic Hamburger, you wouldn’t have any of the other unique and signature crafted burgers. The chain started out with the Hamburger and if they weren’t a success then we wouldn’t have the extensive menu that we have today.

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So, thank you Hamburger, because of you, we have the all of the other great burgers on the McDonald’s menu.