This week’s Chopped preview: Breakfast for dinner


Chopped Season 40, Episode 62 will challenge four chefs to make breakfast food taste even better than it already does — if that’s even possible.

What’s on the menu when you sit down for brunch with your family or a group of close friends? Chances are, hash browns — the best version of fried potatoes out there, FIGHT ME — make an appearance. Eggs are typically a staple. And when it comes to meat, bacon, sausage, or both almost always have a seat at the table.

But there’s a lot you can do with the same basic foods and ingredients. That’s why this week’s episode of Chopped, “Brunch Brilliance,” is going to be an interesting one — for the chefs doing the cooking, the judges tasting it, and for all of us at home wishing we could join in the deliciousness.

According to the episode synopsis:

"“The chefs set out to wow the judges with brunch meals that wake their palates. A classic brunch combination-turned ice cream flavor makes for a challenging first basket. A unique take on eggs keeps the brunch theme front-and-center in the entree round.”"

What could this unique take on eggs be? It could go several different directions. Producers could challenge chefs to put a spin on the preparation itself — baking when you’d normally fry, and so on. Chefs could also face a kind of challenge Chopped excels at executing: Using eggs as only one ingredient in a much more complicated recipe.

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Since eggs appear to dominate the entreé round, it’s likely whatever chefs prepare is going to have to be difficult enough to ensure only the top two contestants make it to the final round.

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Eggs are hard enough to cook correctly anyway, since Gordon Ramsay has long since proven we’ve all been making one of the easiest breakfast foods of all time, scrambled eggs, all wrong. So we’ll just have to wait until Tuesday to find out what our chefs are up against.

Do you have a favorite brunch food you hope will make an appearance in this week’s episode? Share it with us in the comments below.

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Chopped is back Tuesday night at 9 ET on Food Network.