Why is McDonald’s Twitter so quiet?


While other fast food chains have active Twitter account’s, McDonald’s has mysteriously fallen quiet. We strive to understand why.

McDonald’s Twitter account used to be one of the most active among the major fast food chains. Now, it’s fallen quiet, and we’re not so sure why?

The last tweet McDonald’s Twitter feed posted was a poll that asked which part of the Egg McMuffin were fans favorite. For the record, my favorite part of the Egg McMuffin is the first bite:

That poll question was tweeted on April 15. We’re in May, and McDonald’s has yet to post on its mainline Twitter feed. Sure, it’s responded to questions and comments directed at them, so  McDonald’s social media team isn’t completely asleep at the keyboard.

But, one has to wonder why their feed has mysteriously gone silent. Right now, Wendy’s Twitter feed has been killing its competition, with its sassy, witty tweets keeping its audience engaged and hungry.

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Burger King, while not as critical as Wendy’s, has kept its Twitter feed up-to-speed, especially now that it’s promoting its “#feelyourway” campaign.

McDonald’s, meanwhile, has gone silent.

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It’s not that McDonald’s doesn’t have any material to promote on social media. It’s still in the middle of its “Bacon Everything” promotion, and they’re no shortage of material that the social media team could use to push that promotion.

I wish I really could tell you why their Twitter feed has gotten drier than dirt. Maybe they’re coming up with the next great social media campaign? Maybe they need more social media writers? Maybe the McDonald’s headquarters have been attacked by the Chick-fil-A cows and they run the show?

Who knows?

What we do know that it’s quite weird the Twitter account of the world’s biggest fast-food chain, with 3.5 million followers, hasn’t posted anything in (as of this writing) 21 days.

Why so quiet, McDonald’s?

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So what’s your favorite fast food social media account? Let us know!