Wingstop has just revealed two new wing flavors


To help heat things up this summer, Wingstop is introducing us all to two brand new wing flavors you don’t want to miss out on: Ancho Honey Glaze and Harissa Lemon Pepper! Learn all about them, here:

Ready to try something deliciously fresh and new? Wingstop is your stop for that. Two new flavors — Ancho Honey Glaze and Harissa Lemon Pepper — are available at Wingstop locations. Hurry, though, these two new wing flavors are only around for a limited time. Get them while they’re hot!

When can you try these out and place an order for yourself? The two new wing flavors are available beginning today and will stick around all the way through September 1. That’s right, they’re only here to help us heat up the summer season.

From the press release, Wingstop shares that the exclusive flavor of Ancho Honey Glaze is infused with smokey dried Ancho peppers from southern Mexico. They promise to have a “mouth-tingling fire that fans will be sweet on,” someone grab me a bucket of these wings and a glass of sweet tea.

Find the official description, below:

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"Ancho Honey Glaze: Infused with smoky dried Ancho peppers from southern Mexico and the heat of aged cayenne, this hot honey glaze introduces a mouth-tingling fire that fans will be sweet on."

As for the Harissa Lemon Pepper flavored wings, these are described as the spicier sister to Wingstop’s Lemon Pepper. So if you already love the restaurant’s Lemon Pepper wings, but want an extra kick, the new Harissa Lemon pepper wings are here for you.

Find the official description, below:

"Harissa Lemon Pepper: This new flavor answers the call from loyal fans to introduce a spicier sister to Wingstop’s most popular flavor, Lemon Pepper. It’s a fusion inspired by traditional North African spices, marrying exotic Harissa pepper paste and roasted bell peppers with the zesty brightness of lemon."

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These two new flavors are available at Wingstop locations nationwide and can be ordered in-store, online, or using the Wingstop app.

Which of the two new flavors are you most excited to try out? Do you have a go-to Wingstop wing flavor you never fail to order? Share with us in the comments!