This week’s Chopped preview: Dessert, but boozy


Chopped Season 40, Episode 64 will challenge its contestants with common food favorites that need a few fresh and tasty twists.

There is exactly one problem with making a burger: Figuring out how to make a burger unlike anyone has tasted before. Chopped hopes to fix this problem.

Food Network’s hit food competition show isn’t just about cooking, after all. It’s about proving how creative you can be in the kitchen with combinations of ingredients both foreign and familiar to both its chefs and its judges.

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This week’s episode of Chopped, “Bacon, Burgers and Beer!” offers chefs a chance to satisfy the judges’ taste buds with fresh spins on classic favorites. Technically, you CAN go wrong with all three of these ingredients if you aren’t careful. But if you pair your ingredients just right, you just might end up creating something unforgettable.

According to the episode synopsis:

"“In what may be the best Chopped competition theme ever, the chefs’ baskets are packed with bacon, burgers and beer! In the bacon appetizer round, the competitors go in some inventive directions with their dishes, including pizza and poutine. Round two is an adrenaline-packed burger battle that has the chefs working with a fun take on onion rings. And the alliterative theme comes to its boozy conclusion in the dessert round, with beer boldly represented in the baskets.”"

Did you say bacon on pizza AND poutine? Will someone put their onion rings on a burger instead of on the side? Because I would definitely eat all of those things and more.

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And while it’s not uncommon to cook with booze — all the alcohol evaporates, so it’s not quite as “fun” as you might hope — whipping up a dessert with beer will be a challenge worth witnessing. “Beeramisu” is a thing, and wherever beer batter appears, deliciousness definitely ensues.

Let’s hope this week’s chefs give us some good ideas to try this summer!

How would you go about preparing a burger that’s worth a $10,000 prize? And no, “just putting bacon on it” probably doesn’t count.

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Chopped is back Tuesday night at 9 ET on Food Network.