Hot new item at Burger King: Chicken Parmesan Sandwich


Consider your lunch plans made! Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches are back at Burger King.

All hail the king, Burger King! The fast food joint knows exactly what foodies crave. With the Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches, we truly get the best of both worlds: a bulky, tasty sandwich, and chicken parmesan!

If this is the first you hear about this food item, we’re here with all the details you need to know. For starters, yes, this isn’t the first time Burger King has this item available on its menu, it’s an old favorite.

The Chicken Parmesan Sandwich features a toasty potato bun hugging marinara sauce, melted mozzarella cheese and shaved parmesan, and a crispy-fried chicken filet! Other options for the meaty center are a grilled chicken filet or a spicy crispy-fried chicken filet.

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Even though the temperatures are warming up this season, my choice is still always the spicy crispy-fried chicken filet! Bring on the heat…and a refreshing drink, please!

How much will this sandwich cost you? It all depends on your location, but approximately $5.99, according to reports, not bad!

Burger King has been on the spotlight a lot recently. Earlier this month, the restaurant revealed a unique promotion for one of their meals, Real Meals, which you can customize depending on your mood.

Additionally, Burger King also introduced The Impossible Burger to its menus last month. This burger is only available in select locations as it is still being tested. Have you tried one? If so, let us know what you thought about the item.

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What’s your favorite menu item from Burger King? Is there an upcoming food or drink this summer season you are looking forward to?