Subway: Here’s how to get a free movie ticket to see Aladdin


Subway is giving customers free movie tickets to see Aladdin in theaters — but there’s a catch!

Long gone are the days fast food joints offered free movie tickets with a purchase of one of their meals. Thankfully, Subway still remembers this as it’s one of their latest offers. However, not just anyone can enjoy watching Aladdin for free thanks to them. We have the details!

To get a ticket to see Aladdin in theaters, you must purchase one of Subway’s Kids Meals. This, unfortunately, means the movie ticket you get is a children’s ticket, not an adult one for yourself.

Hey, this isn’t all bad news. If you were planning on already watching the film, now you can bring the little one along and for free! Or perhaps, due to how much negative reception the movie has received, you weren’t planning on watching it at all. Now that you have a free children’s ticket, your trip to the movies is a less risky in case you don’t enjoy it.

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On another plus side, you can never lose when it comes to a Subway Kids Meal (or any meal there). The restaurant has one of the healthiest Kids Meal options in the business: a small sandwich, a drink, apple sauce, and toy.

Subway’s offer is good through June 27, 2019 — so you have plenty of time to stop by for a Kids Meal. This is also, reportedly, going on at Subway restaurants nationwide, but only while supplies last.

Make sure you have a Fandango account! The children’s ticket, which will be up to $11 in value, will be given as a promo code to use on Fandango. This code expire July 3, 2019.

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Aladdin is in theaters Friday, May 24. Did you plan on watching the movie in theaters opening weekend?