There’s ‘serious concern’ with Kim Kardashian’s Jack in the Box complaint


Kim Kardashian has a “serious concern” with Jack in the Box, but we don’t know why, and we have “serious problem” with that.

The big story boiling in the fast food world this week was Kim Kardashian having some “beef” with Jack in the Box.

Kardashian made waves when she sent out a tweet saying that she had a “serious complaint” about Jack in the Box and that she sent corporate an email and expected a response back, pronto!

Then, in a weird move, she went on to say that her problem with Jack in the Box wasn’t “about her or wrong order,” but something she saw that could be a potential problem with other customers, also adding that she wasn’t “fully” putting them on blast.

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Apparently, whatever the issue was, it was fixed, but we’re still in the dark about what the issue was at this particular Jack in the Box location, and that should be the real story here.

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Everyone from regular Twitter overseers to other fast food chains has chimed in to make a meme out of her “half blast” to Jack in the Box, and why not? Who in God’s name puts someone on “half blast?” It’s like trying to beat the traffic light but, at the last second, hit the breaks in the middle of the intersection.

If you’re already halfway there, you might as well commit to it, especially if it concerns “other customers.” Let’s be real, the Kardashians may not frequent Jack in the Box the same way that we do, so don’t you think that Kim was doing us a disservice by not disclosing what the problem was?

It could have been racism? It also could have been just a nasty bathroom? How are we supposed to care about Kardashian’s “serious concern” if she herself won’t disclose what it is?

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Kim Kardashian opened herself to ridicule, and maybe the next time she has a “serious concern” about a fast food restaurant, she should just commit to the blast.