Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Pecans are the boozy treat you never knew you needed


When it comes to Jack Daniel’s you likely don’t think of food products first. But thanks to their Tennessee Honey Pecans, now you will.

Have you ever gone on a road trip that included a variety of snacks, particularly of the gourmet kind? During a recent trip to Austin, Texas, I snagged myself a package of the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Pecans as a sweet treat, and was shocked to find them not only delicious, but also satisfying.

While these pecans are not your typical candied nut, thanks to the alcohol that is used to make them, they still give you the sweet flavor you expect. It is important to note that these should only be eaten by someone over the age of 21, due to the actual Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whisky being used in the candying process.

What makes these a must grab is the fact that they have a smooth finish, much like the whisky itself does. I suggest eating these sparingly as too much can lead to an upset stomach. However, if you have some self-control, then these pecans are the kind of treat that not only satisfy a craving for sweet and salty, but they are also a little boozy treat.

When eating these pecans, do not expect them to be super hard and crunchy like a normal pecan, as the candying process did seem to soften many of the nuts in the package. Going in I didn’t know what to expect, but honestly, the flavor popped and was much more enjoyable than I anticipated. Although I was looking for a crunch, I was not actually disappointed by the fact that they were softer.

After having tried them on my trip, I probably wouldn’t choose these as my guilty car snack, but for a special occasion or a gift, these are definitely on the list. Not only do these pecans seem like a great gift, but throwing them in a gift basket with other Jack Daniel’s products (there are other candies that feature the whisky as an ingredient), including a bottle of the whisky itself feels like the perfect way to celebrate a house-warming, a holiday, or any special occasion.

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Even though I grabbed my package of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Pecans in a specialty candy store, you can get your own via Amazon (which actually was a bit surprising considering the fact you should be over 21 to even buy these).