All the Middle Eastern dishes you need to celebrate Aladdin’s premiere

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Disney’s Aladdin movie view PR

Aladdin is stirring up our nostalgic sense and make our taste buds tingle. Here are some dishes you need to eat after watching the film.

The Disney classic Aladdin has got a modern live-action makeover. Directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott as Aladdin and Jasmine, respectively, the new Aladdin film is gearing up to set the world alight, despite many fans wondering whether a live-action film was even necessary.

Premiering around the world this week, Aladdin hasn’t got the critics roaring, but it’s definitely making the fans nostalgic. With its lush settings, glamorous fashion, and foot-tapping rhythms, not to mention Will Smith as the Genie, Aladdin is definitely set to take over the hearts of its audience. And that’s what Disney is all about—nostalgia, fun, and color!

And how best to celebrate this trip through nostalgia other than with food? Unsurprisingly, Middle Eastern cuisine is on our minds as we watch Aladdin. All those delicious meats, fruits, platters of olives, and cheese that make up the variety of Middle Eastern cuisine is making our stomachs rumble and our taste buds sing.

There’s only one way to celebrate the premiere of Aladdin and that is with the best of Middle Eastern cuisine. Here are all the different dishes you will want to eat once you watch the film.