This week’s Chopped preview: In a pickle


Chopped Season 40, Episode 65 will challenge its chefs to master a flavor that doesn’t easily pair well with other ingredients. Can they stand up to their competition without taking these flavors too far?

This week’s Chopped episode, “Dill Dilemma,” won’t allow its chefs to hide any out of place flavors easily. The bolder the ingredient’s flavor, the harder it will be to figure out how to complement it with other items from the pantry.

If contestants can figure out how to make dill “pop” without overwhelming judges’ taste buds, they won’t have trouble making it through the final round. At least, that’s what we’re hoping for.

According to the episode synopsis:

"There’s a flavor clash happening in the Chopped kitchen as the first basket challenges the chefs to come up with a yummy solution to a perplexing culinary puzzle that includes a dill pickle-flavored treat. A Midwestern casserole."

Dill is a strong flavor, so this “perplexing culinary puzzle” probably isn’t an exaggeration. But because you can inject any flavor you want into any food you want — dill pickle-flavored potato chips exist, you guys — it’s difficult to predict

The fact that casseroles are involved in this challenge is exciting — especially considering the twist that basket will likely entail.

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Midwestern casseroles and hot dishes are notorious for their mastery of the “comfort food” style of cooking. But our judges won’t feel comforted if their casserole isn’t prepared just right.

A casserole requires minimal effort with impressive gains. A green bean casserole, for example, combines veggies with creamy soup, onions, and bread crumbs for a sort-of-not-really healthy dish that basically just sat in the oven without extensive supervision for a while.

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They’re not difficult to make. But combine the wrong ingredients or over-emphasize the wrong flavor, and you could end up baking a hot batch of trouble.

Summer is fast approaching, and it’s time for chefs to roll up their sleeves and get creative with their methods. In the Chopped kitchen, only out-of-the-basket thinkers win the biggest prize.

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Chopped is back Tuesday night at 9 ET on Food Network.