Malibu Pina Coladas in a can are here to make summer beach-worthy


Are you a fan of Malibu rum? If you are, then be prepared to have your summer plans changed, as there is now a ready to pour Pina Colada in a can from the rum maker.

Are you ready for an Instagram worthy summer filled with amazing drinks and a lot of canned alcoholic beverages? It looks like the companies behind many of our favorite boozy drinks have heard what we want and are giving us beach-worthy beverages, including Malibu.

When it comes to summer liquor, nothing says beach bound better than Malibu rum. The Caribbean rum is an essential addition to many cocktails, and with its coconut flavor (although there are some other additions to the lineup now), it screams summer fun.

But mixing drinks pool side or at the beach can be a messy affair that spoils a bit of the fun, which is why Malibu has delivered with their ready to pour Pina Coladas in a can. And that’s not the only flavor of alcoholic delight in a can that they offer, as there is also a Fizzy Pink Lemonade as well.

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That’s right, Malibu is here to make our summer pool and beach parties that much better (and more Instagrammable).

While these Malibu cocktails in a can were first introduced last summer, there were still some people who missed out on these delicious drinks. And we wouldn’t want that to happen again.

If ever there was a time to remind the world that these two canned Malibu cocktails exist, it has to be now when summer is nearly upon us and we are all planning for our trips to the beach and our summer BBQs. Not only do these canned cocktails make indulging easier, but they are also pretty enough for those Snaps on Snapchat and Stories on Instagram.

As an added bonus, it helps that they actually taste delicious. Considering I am a firm fan of Malibu’s Caribbean rum, these two canned cocktails were a must try for me and ended up becoming a new favorite summer addition.

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Give both cocktails a chance and tell us what you think. Tell us which one is your favorite. You can snag both flavors at Walmart and other alcohol friendly retailers.