This week’s Chopped preview: Everything tastes better with cheese


Chopped Season 40, Episode 66 features a food everyone except the lactose intolerant can’t live without! When faced with a different kind of cheese in every round, chefs’ knowledge of all things cheese will have to carry them through.

We put it on our french fries. We add it to our spaghetti. When it comes to dining, everything tastes significantly better when you add cheese to it. It’s salty, it’s smooth, and it can serve as a condiment, a spread, and so much more.

When cooking, you have to be a little more careful about where you sprinkle, melt, or pour in your cheese. Pair it with the wrong ingredients and you could be faced with a good idea your taste buds will wish you’d kept to yourself.

This week’s Chopped episode, “Just Add Cheese,” will challenge its chefs to master the art of “cheeese-tastic” food prep. To excel in this competition, chefs will have to decide which ingredients they can mix with their cheese to create unforgettable meals judges won’t be able to resist.

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According to the episode synopsis:

"“Comfort food connoisseurs and gourmands alike know that any dish can benefit from a slice, a melt or a sprinkling of cheese! In this special competition, every basket is filled with cheesy yumminess including an unusual take on a Philadelphia classic in the first round. The chefs must work with a crunchy cringe-worthy surprise in addition to a fancy Spanish cheese in the entree round. And a cheese-tastic tower is one of the building blocks for the finalists’ desserts.”"

Adding Spanish cheese to the mix seems like the perfect fit for a cooking competition such as Chopped.

While most of the cheeses you’ve likely tasted are made from cow’s or even goat’s milk, some of Spain’s most popular cheese varieties are crafted from sheep’s milk. Some are even a blend of cow’s, goat’s, and sheep’s milk, creating a flavor and texture you’ll just want to munch on all by itself.

And yes, you read that description right: There’s a tower of cheese on the horizon, and it’s going to leave your mouth watering and your heart longing for as much cheese as you can fit into your refrigerator. Challenge. Accepted.

Do you add cheese to everything you consume? What’s the “rarest” variety of cheese you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting? Share your cheese-filled escapades in the comments below.

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Chopped is back Tuesday night at 9 ET on Food Network.