Add Sugar Bowl Bakery’s Duet Bites to your picnic basket this summer


The summer season is all about quick drinks and snacks we can pack and take with us outdoors, and Sugar Bowl Bakery’s Duet Bites are a must-have in your picnic basket!

Guilty Eats has previously bragged about how Sugar Bowl sent some samples our way, and we’re here to remind you how tasty these Duet Bites are and why they are the perfect treats for two upcoming holidays.

First up, there’s National Best Friends Day coming this Saturday, June 8. Why is this day and Duet Bites relevant? Because these Sugar Bowl Bakery pastries bring the best of two worlds together: Part chocolate brownie and part crunchy madeleine bread.

They may be different, but together they’re the best! Just like you and your bestie! Making these the perfect gift for your BFF and you to snack on (or just for you as a gift to yourself).

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Next holiday is the Fourth of July, which is all about celebrating with drinks, friends, family, and always outside by the grill. The perfect dessert? You guessed it, Sugar Bowl Bakery’s Duet Bites! If you spot these at the store, make sure to grab a package or two, they’ll be a picnic favorite!

What will be on your picnic basket this summer? Share with us in the comments and be sure to let us know if there’s a snack or drink we should include in another summer feature.

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