The Chef Show Season 1 Episode 2: Avengers Atlanta Review

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The Chef Show on Netflix, Episode 2

The second episode of Jon Favreau and Roy Choi’s The Chef Show heads to Atlanta for delicious food and to meet some Avengers!

Based on Jon Favreau’s 2014 film Chef, The Chef Show sees Favreau team up with his culinary mentor, celebrity chef Roy Choi, as they travel around America cooking with fellow celebrities and introducing artists from a variety of fields to the joys of cooking world-class food.

Chef may not have changed the cinematic landscape, but it meant something to chefs. In this second episode, Favreau and Choi meet a chef with the words ‘El Jefe’, the food truck Favreau’s character had in the film, tattooed on his hands. Another chef talks about returning to the culinary arts because of the film. Talk about the power of movies!

We also see Favreau and Choi assemble a couple of Avengers to share some culinary delights and insights into the bonds between chefs.

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Holeman and Finch Burger

The second episode of The Chef Show starts off at Holeman and Finch in Atlanta, where Favreau and Choi are treated to some homemade Serrano prosciutto by Chef Spencer, giving Favreau the opportunity to show off his knife skills. He is astounding with the knife—a natural, according to Choi—the slices he cuts are so fine.

They then move on to the restaurant’s famous burgers, which is made up of 50/50 chuck eye and brisket. No binders, like egg, are used—the burger patty has the right combination of meat and fat to accomplish the binding. Impressive!

Favreau completely takes over the griddle and the chefs actually let him. Choi is the only one who looks nervous about Favreau—he is Choi’s student, after all—but the other chefs are completely cool about it. In Favreau’s defense, he does a great job and the final product is a burger that both he and Choi declare is the best burger they’ve ever had. It looks simple, yet delicious.

The Optimist Lobster Roll

Chef Ford Fry of The Optimist greets Choi and Favreau with a lobster roll. When making, or ordering, lobster roll, chefs don’t choose between mayonnaise or butter, they use both because they want all the flavor. Something for us regular people to remember.

Lobster is new territory for Favreau—Choi never taught him to deal with lobsters, but he picks up the skills from Chef Ford fairly easily. This lobster roll looks so good! And paired with salt and vinegar chips, the combination is heavenly.