KFC Chicken Skin is so tasty the fast food chain is selling bags of the stuff


Fans of KFC who love the crispy skin more than any other part of the meal are going to love this. The fast food chain is selling chicken skins.

If you are a frequent flyer at KFC then I am sure, at some point in your fast food career, have peeled the crispy chicken skin of a drumstick or thigh and eating nothing but the skin. If you haven’t, try it. It’s good.

You get all the secret herb and spice recipe in one go that makes your mouth water uncontrollably.

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KFC has obviously caught on to the fact fans like to do this as a new menu item has arrived on the menu specifically targeted at those who like to eat the crispy chicken skin by itself. They are selling bags of chicken skin, currently as a trial, but I have no doubt they will become a permanent addition to the menu one day.

Unfortunately, they have not made their way to this side of the world just yet. Currently, it is being trialed out in Indonesia.

So, if you are making your way out there anytime soon; do us a favor. Try them out and let us know how they taste.

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KFC fans in Indonesia have been sharing their thoughts on the new menu item via social media. You can check out the new menu addition and their reactions here and here.

Will it be something that comes to the US? Maybe, maybe not. It will obviously depend on if the trail is successful or not in Indonesia and even it is, it will also depend on the demand over here. If KFC does make the decision to bring them out in the US, we will let you know ASAP.

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So, what do you think of KFC selling chicken skins? Is it something you would like to see brought out over here? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.