The Chef Show Season 1 Episode 3: Remembering Jonathan Gold Review

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The Chef Show on Netflix via Media Center — Episode 4

Peach Galette

This episode of The Chef Show welcomes more friends of Gold’s, Evan Kleiman, a radio host at Good Food, who knew Gold from the 1990s, and Jazz Singsanong, owner of Jitlada restaurant, which was reviewed by Gold in 2007. According to Singsanong, Jitlada had been serving great food for a while but didn’t gain the footfall it deserved until Gold reviewed the restaurant. Overnight, Jitlada became a success, explains Singsanong, before breaking into tears because she misses Gold so much.

In honour of Gold, who often joined Kleiman as a judge at pie contests, Kleiman makes a peach galette. Gold’s mother was a prodigious pie-maker, and Gold even wooed his wife with a pie.

Interestingly, Favreau has never made pies, and Choi only makes pecan pie. They chip in to help, but Kleiman isn’t always happy with their work. She has a lot of stringent steps that need to be followed to get her galette just right, and Favreau doesn’t quite hit the mark every time.

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Kleiman makes some fascinating points about the use, or lack thereof, of starch in pies. Chefs have recently begun to eschew using starch to thicken up the filling, but Kleiman’s view is that the filling will then become runny, and will remain on the plate instead of being eaten. She adds a healthy dose of flour to her filling to ensure it stays firm, and two beautiful galettes are the result.

Green Curry

Singsanong has most of her family over to help cook a green curry with Favreau and Choi. Their skills are intimidatingly good. Singsanong explains that everyone had to be in the kitchen from the age of 10 because there was no one at home to look after the children. So, naturally, all the children started helping out in the kitchen, much like in Chef.

The green curry paste requires a lot of ingredients but Singsanong is quite flexible with what she uses.

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The spice levels are insane. Favreau begins to cough the moment the curry goes into the wok but he’s still not afraid to take over wok duties.

Singsanong steams all her ingredients—meats and vegetables—before adding them to the curry, which she says helps to separate and enhance the flavours. She also shares her secret about cooking a good Thai curry—reduce it down till it begins to look brown, as that gives it more flavour. The final product is so good, they can’t stop eating it, exactly what Gold would have loved.