The Chef Show Season 1, Episode 4: Robert Rodriguez and First Friday review

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First Friday

At the First Friday food festival, Favreau joins the chefs of the Locol food truck and gets a very quick crash course on how to make the burgers and foldies. It still takes him some time to get used to it, unfortunately. His first three foldies are either too dark or underdone and need to be remade. The customers are very understanding, though. But perseverance pays off and Favreau eventually earns Choi’s praise.

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They stop by at the Kogi truck, which is now run by other chefs, who are very territorial. Even Choi isn’t allowed in the kitchen now. But they enjoy some pork tacos and Favreau talks about how his introduction to Korean food was through Choi. He can’t get enough of it now, as we have seen throughout this season of The Chef Show.

They then visit a few more trucks, most of them regulars that Choi has known for years. Choi treats Favreau to a host of burgers, pizzas, lobster rolls, and finally an ice-cream sandwich. The duo essentially eat a seven-course meal from the food trucks. Favreau and Choi are stuffed by the end of it and we are incredibly hungry!

Tips for home cooks:

  • To get a browner look to your pizza, add olive to the crust before baking.
  • When making a bun-based dish, make sure that the bun remains warm, not burnt, at the time of serving, for added flavour and texture.
  • Want to judge an ice cream joint? Try their caramel flavoured ice-cream.
  • To make a good ice-cream cookie sandwich, don’t put hard ice-cream between the cookies, as that will be difficult to eat. Let the ice-cream soften a little first before serving.

Final Thoughts

Unlike the previous episode, there wasn’t nearly enough cooking in this fourth episode of The Chef Show, but there was a lot of eating. It was fascinating to see Rodriguez’s skills in the kitchen—that a director of such renown can be passionate about a craft so separate from the one he is known for is wonderful.

The discipline and abilities of the Locol food truck chefs was another highlight of this episode. Their dedication to their craft and their ability to churn out high quality food every time, without mistake, is awe-inspiring. More than anything else, this episode of The Chef Show is testament to how fulfilling the culinary arts can be, whether you are cooking at home, or working in a food truck.

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