The Chef Show Season 1, Episode 6: Aaron Franklin review

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Favreau has taken up the monumental task of carving up a brisket, following Franklin’s instructions. Having seen this season of The Chef Show, we know Favreau’s knife skills are excellent, but does Franklin agree?

It isn’t long before Franklin is impressed by Favreau’s carving. He’s doing an excellent job of slowly carving off the fat, as well as the parts of the meat that are likely to burn in the cooker. There are a couple of moments when Favreau slices a bit too deep but for the most part, Franklin is full of praise for him.

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It is soon Franklin’s turn to carve the brisket. He slices up much large pieces than Favreau but they’re mostly clean slices. A lot of the brisket is being carved off but fortunately, those parts can be used for other dishes. Except for the fat, which is mostly thrown away. The end result is a perfect cut of meat that will cook beautifully and evenly.

Dalmatian Rub

The dalmatian rub that Franklin has made for the briskets beautifully coats the surface of the meats. He uses a more than generous dose, ensuring that every nook and cranny gets an even amount of the rub.

When it’s Favreau’s turn, Franklin is blown away. Favreau seasons his meat, taking pointers from Franklin about adding the rub to the sides as well as the top and bottom.

The meat takes six hours to cook. When the trio go to check on it, the scene is surprisingly reminiscent of Franklin’s cameo in Chef, something Favreau happily notes to Choi. And then it’s time to serve the meat.

At Franklin Barbecue, Franklin shows Favreau how to slice the cooked brisket before serving it to customers. It takes a couple of tries but Favreau picks up the skill very quickly, slicing with ease, and getting the meals out in timely fashion. The customers are more than happy, even coming back for more. Favreau is proving himself to be a jack-of-all-trades in the culinary sphere!