The Chef Show Season 1 Episode 7: Hot Luck Review

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Roasted S’Mores

At Hot Luck, Franklin sets up an elaborate barbecue system for s’mores using a gas tank and coals. Rebecca Masson of Fluff Bake Bar joins them to barbecue this treat.

In a very colourful bowl, Masson puts together graham crackers, honeycomb, cereal, and chocolate pebbles and then slices up large pieces of marshmallow to roast over the open flame. She also adds hot chocolate fudge. It looks and feels like ice cream, says Choi, and the group thoroughly enjoy themselves eating these unusual s’mores.

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Smoked Meat

It’s the morning of Hot Luck and Choi and Favreau are up early to start smoking their meat. The first meat comes out of the smoker tasting great, but the texture is too tough for Choi’s liking. The heat is incredible from these smokers and both Favreau and Choi are absolutely melting. But there is a ton of meat to be put on these grills and they keep pushing till all of it is done. When the last piece is in, Favreau and Choi are more than relieved to close the smokers and escape the heat.

Franklin decides to take a look at Choi and Favreau’s meat and is a little concerned about how tightly packed the pieces are. The meat is also a bit too close to the open flame. He puts a log of wood between the flame and the meat so the heat can flow over the meat instead of burning it. The meat cooks for five hours and looks beautiful.