No Fine Print Wine introduces fizzy white wine in a can called Lil Fizz


Canned wine is in high demand and thanks to No Fine Print Wine, we now have a new fizzy white wine for summer called Lil Fizz.

There’s a new canned wine in town and you’re going to want to try it. On June 13, No Fine Print Wine Co., introduced the world to their latest creation, a fizzy white wine called Lil Fizz.

Lil Fizz is a canned white that is made using pinot noir, chardonnay, and Sauvignon blanc grapes. And just like the name suggests, this a wine with a little fizz to it. In order to get the hint of fizz, CO2 is added during the canning process for that effervescence we expect from a fizzy wine.

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These cute cans are perfect for summer indulgences, and come from a brand that is already known for being unpretentious as they bring quality wine to all people, without the high price tags. And each slim can comes with a little more wine than you get out of a standard glass (which is a win-win for wine lovers).

In the press release for Lil Fizz’s unveiling, all three men who founded the No Fine Print Wine Co., explained what went into making this new addition to the family, as well as their mission for their company as a whole.

According to Ryan Arnold, who is a well-known sommelier and one-third of the founding partnership for the company, Lil Fizz is “Inspired by drinking a combination of Txakoli, session-style beers, and light Mexican lagers, I wanted to capture the energy of the refreshing style of these beverages and bring that light, crisp taste experience to the states.”

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When it comes to canned wines like this, it is all about ease of enjoyment and knowing that you are being environmentally friendly. Of course, the taste is everything and with the combination of three different white wine grapes, Lil Fizz brings you an amazing flavor profile that can be “enjoyed anytime, anywhere.”

Thanks to No Fine Print Wine Co., we now have the perfect addition to our summer wine collection. From the cute, simplistic can design that you’ll want to snap for your Instagram posts to the fizzy nature of this tasty wine, Lil Fizz will be your new favorite poolside drink.

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Have you tried any of the other No Fine Print Wine Co. products? Will you be trying Lil Fizz this summer? Tell us what you think in the comments.