KFC set to bring back the famous Cheetos Sandwich to the menu


KFC launched a Cheetos Sandwich earlier in the year and clearly fans loved it, because the unique fast food sandwich is about to be brought back to the menu.

So just in case you missed the news earlier in the year, KFC introduced a really unique and quite honestly really tasty sandwich to the menu. The KFC Cheetos sandwich.

It’s exactly as it sounds, a KFC sandwich loaded with Cheetos. At first, it looks like a monster, but clearly fans loved it when it was being trialed out because the fast food chain is bringing it back for a limited time.

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Returning to the menu on July 1, 2019, the Cheetos Sandwich will be on the menu for a total of four weeks. So make sure you get the chicken sandwich while you can.

Featuring a standard chicken fillet cooked in the secret herbs and spice sauce from the chain, Cheetos sauce is then layered over the freshly cooked fillet. It is then topped off with the wonderful crunchy Cheetos everyone knows and loves.

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This could be the start of a regular return menu item. Several fast food chains have these types fo items, those that come and go from the menu fairly regularly. Pizza Hut is a perfect example of this. Their Cheesy Bites Pizza is a regular menu item that comes and goes often.

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What do you think of the KFC Cheetos sandwich coming back to the menu for a limiter time? Did you have a chance to try it out the first time it was introduced? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.

The KFC Cheetos Chicken Sandwich will be available from July 1, 2019.