McDonald’s UK apologizes for angering the US


McDonald’s UK issued an apology to their friends over in the US due to a new burger recently introduced to the fast food giants menu.

Being a leading global industry comes with its own set of problems. Most of them are problems such as local business tariffs, local laws, customs, etc. Common problems that are easily dealt with on a day to day basis. Some problems, however, are not so common and are usually to do with one country annoying another, and that is exactly what happened with McDonald’s.

The fast food giants, the UK version anyway, managed to go and anger their US counterparts with the introduction of their new menu item.

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Introduced to the McDonald’s UK menu earlier in the week, the Kansas City Stack burger is the burger causing on the fuss, especially those from Kansas City.

Aside from the bizarre caption accompanying the burger, “Yee-haw,” because that is exactly what all Americans say, the burger itself is making locals from Kansas City scratch their head in wonder at exactly why this particular burger is apparently associated with them.

Because as far as the locals are concerned, they have never seen anything like it on their menus.

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Essentially, it is a double bacon cheeseburger with a smokey steakhouse type sauce. And it is probably a fine tasting burger, but it has nothing to do with Kansas City as so many locals pointed out.

Clearly, with so much outrage, someone didn’t do their homework on whether such a burger like this best represented the US city and clearly McDonald’s UK has realized this as they went and apologized for the error. Fingers crossed they learn from such a mistake and introduce menu items that actually represent the places they are being associated with, whether it be in the US or elsewhere in the world.

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So what do you think of the foolish error McDonald’s UK did? Are you from Kansas City? If so were you annoyed by this burger? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts below.