This week’s Chopped preview: Herbs and sour plums


This week’s brand-new episode of Chopped Season 40, Episode 70  will present it chefs with a different kind of surprise in every basket. Only one will survive the chaos and claim the prize.

Anyone can cook. But only a small percentage of chefs can blindly gather together a collection of ingredients and feed someone a meal worth $10,000. This week’s episode, “Plum Fantastic,” will test its contestants’ creativity in ways they aren’t expecting. Only one of them will pass that test and win it all.

After all, when it comes to the Chopped kitchen, flawless cooking skills won’t always get you to the final round. It’s how creative you can be with the ingredients at your disposal that will determine whether you emerge victorious or end up chopped.

According to the episode synopsis:

"“As the competition kicks off, the chefs are challenged with making appetizers using a delicate herb and a playful take on potatoes. When the chefs get a strange Italian street food in the entree basket, they must do as the Neapolitans do. And the judges hope the Dutch baby pancake and sour plums in the dessert basket will spark some delicious creativity.”"

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Cooking with an unfamilar food is a culinary hurdle all on its own — you have to think fast and prepare carefully if you have any hope of getting it right. And to sour a savory dessert, while not unheard of, will push the final two contestants to their limit. Combining the precise mix of flavors in that dish will require the daring determination only a winner can summon.

Fresh, sweet, sour — however this week’s chefs handle the challenges ahead, let’s hope the judges are ready for the surprises that appear on their own plates.

Who is your current favorite Chopped judge? What do you like most about the feedback they give each chef on the show?

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Chopped is back Tuesday night at 9 ET on Food Network.