Can fast food really bring unity to America?


A recent story in The Atlantic suggests that fast food has the power to unite a fragile America.

Fast food often gets a bum rap, but a recent news article suggests that it can be the cure to the fragility of American unity. According to The Atlantic, poll lackeys have found that, while we are deeply divided when it comes to politics, race, and religion, we are all united in our undying love for fast food. According to a Gallup poll, over 80 percent of Americans said they eat out at least on a monthly basis.

96 percent of Americans say they eat at a fast food outlet every year. These polls cross political and racial lines, which begs the question — is fast food the silver bullet to solving out unity issues? It very well could be.

Before you go nuclear, just hear me out. America is the world leader when it comes to fast food, and a lot of the chains that we love are shared with people from every stripe. Pro-life and pro-choice stand side-by-side while ordering off the McDonald’s menu. Gay and Christian eat side-by-side at Burger King. You see old people from every political stripe gather every day at their favorite fast food place for coffee and chats, the list

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So while it very well seems like our unity as a nation is on the side of a steep cliff, one thing that keeps us from sliding off of a said cliff is the warm embrace of fast food. Fast food isn’t all bad.

Do you believe burgers and fast service can unite America? Let me know in the comments!